Behind Despinoy Wedding planner



Amélie had borned and raised in Reunion Island. Melting pot, colors and sunshine flow in her veins. Globetrotter: she finds her inspiration in everything which surrounds her.

To be a wedding planner is a passion and a full-time job!

She helps you bring your vision to life.

A wedding planner allows you to have a life outside of planning your wedding, take on the logistics so you can focus on the fun stuff and, above all, to enjoy every moment of your d-day.


She graduated in Arts at Montpellier, and after she decided to travel alone during 6 months in Canada. When she came back, she went to Paris and graduated in a Wedding planner school. After many experiences on the ground, she decided to create her own company named Despinoy Wedding & Event in June 2015 in Montpellier.

She offers to the couple, her expertise, her experience and "her joie de vivre." Her leitmotiv: trust, listening, good feeling and a rock-solid logistical!

She loves:

– to eat chocolate (and sweets in general),
– to travel and to learn another language,
– to laugh,
– to listen music, favourite tunes of the moment: Rome wasn't built in a day by Morcheeba / Woman by Andreya Triana / Monty Python's life of Brian: Always look on the bright side of life by Matthias E. Becker, Eric Idle, Calmus Ensemble / Make it wit chu by Queens of the Stone Age

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